Sept 5 Rally

For All Workers Including Scheme Workers: Minimum Wage of Not Less Than Rs 18000

BECAUSE of the ever rising prices, the family budgets of workers across the country, in all sectors, are being squeezed. Whatever meagre increases they achieve through their struggles are offset by the rising prices. In effect, this means that for the same money, workers are able to buy less and less amounts of the commodities.

September 5 Mazdoor-Kisan Rally: Universal Social Security for All Workers

WE want universal social security, that is, social security for all workers, wherever they might be working.

Today a very small section of workers, mainly in the organised sector only  are covered by social security benefits like provident fund, ESI, medical benefits, maternity benefit, accident compensation, gratuity, pension etc. Given the tardy enforcement mechanism, encouraged by the governments themselves, even fifty percent of the workers in the organised sector, particularly the contract workers, are also deprived of their legitimate social security benefits.

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