Beef Controversy in Kerala

NS Sajith

DRAGGING his party into controversy, N Sreeprakash, BJP candidate for Malappuram Lok Sabha by-election, has promised that he will bring ‘halal’ beef to the voters, if they give mandate in his favour. The embarrassment of BJP’s national and state leadership was visible as they kept mum on the issue. Sreeprakash while addressing a press meet, promised to supply quality beef from clean slaughter houses. He clarified that the BJP was not against beef consumption, but only against illegal slaughter houses.

“There are slaughter houses providing unhygienic meat of dead cows. The BJP-led governments’ crackdown in north India was against unlicensed slaughter houses. They can still work with proper licenses. If I win in Malappuram, I will provide quality beef  within the legal framework.  Air-conditioned and well- equipped slaughter houses and beef outlets will be set up here,” he said on April 2.

The statement has come soon after his party leaders said that they would not oppose the consumption of beef in north eastern states. Shiv Sena, an ally of BJP, sharply criticised it for its dual stand on beef. Recently, chief ministers of Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have made strong remarks against beef consumption. Raman Singh, chief minister of Chhattisgarh has threatened that capital punishment will be imposed on those who kill cows. BJP had made it an electoral issue in UP and the fringe elements led by Sangh Parivar gutted down many meat shops in the state soon after Yogi Adityanath came into power. During the campaign trial in UP, BJP president Amit Shah too said that strict action will be taken against the slaughter houses if BJP came to power. 


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