HYDERABAD: March 8 Observed with Fervour

HUNDREDS of women from all walks of life, sang, danced shouted slogans in a lively march on the streets of Hyderabad on March 8 under the united banner of AIDWA,CITU and UTF. Led by veteran leader M Swarajyam and state leaders Ashalata, Hymavati, Jayalakshmi and joined by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat, the procession ended in a public meeting in Sundarayya centre addressed by chief guest, Brinda Karat and others.

Brinda Karat said, “on this March 8, our struggles for justice and advance have come up against the wall of Modi government's pro- corporate, communal and authoritarian agenda. Confront, resist, advance unitedly… this is our pledge today.”


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