Chit Fund Sufferers Rally in Kolkata

WHILE long queues wait outside banks and ATMs in Kolkata, thousands marched demanding their lost money in chit funds. West Bengal chief minister’s histrionics on demonetisation issue cannot erase the truth that her party was the biggest beneficiary of illegal chit funds in the state. Nearly 20 lakh people lost their hard earned money to cheating by companies like Saradha and Rosevalley. These chit funds flourished tremendously during the TMC regime and money trails lead to ruling party leaders.

A rally was organised in Kolkata on November 21, at the call of depositors and agents’ security platform, demanding implementation of court rulings on compensation and repayment to sufferers. The rally started from College Street and marched through to Rani Rashmoni Road. Apart from chit fund sufferers, Left legislative party leader Sujan Chakraborty  and opposition leaders Abdul Mannan was present in the procession.

Later a delegation met state governor and submitted a deputation to him. CPI(M) state secretary Surya Kanta Mishra, former justice Ashok Ganguly, lawyer Bikash Bhattacharya, Sujan Chakraborty , Abdul Mannan joined in.

Mishra told media persons that the state government is denying every avenue of compensating the sufferers. They are not co operating with the high court appointed one man commission. Supreme Court has directed central investigating agencies to find out the culprits behind large scale scam and return money to sufferers. But the investigation has virtually come to a halt. And, like the state government, central agencies have tried to stop the functioning of the commission. The prime minister has talked about chit funds but he has done nothing to book the culprits. Instead, one after another accused are being released due to slack investigation by central agencies.

Answering a question, Mishra said the understanding between Mamata Banerjee and Narendra Modi is clear. It has been starkly reflected in Saradha case.

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